Bonaire Dive Trip

Fran and I just returned from a 10 day dive trip to Bonaire. My long-time friend and business parter, Joel, joined us for 8 of those days. We had a good time, with plenty of great diving, although Fran got strep throat about halfway through the week, and didn’t dive after that.

One aspect of this trip that’s interesting is that we did it using, a website I highly recommend you look into. We exchanged our house with a house in Bonaire, so Anke and John stayed here while we stayed there. (We also exchanged vehicles and boats, but that’s not normally part of a Home Exchange.) We’ve done several exchanges since June of last year, and will keep doing it – it’s a great way to visit some amazing places and not have to spend anything for you lodging.

Unlike most of my previous posts, this one is going to be more pictures, and fewer words – since I know that’s what you all really want anyway! So here you go: Smartini Goes to Bonaire!

Banded Coral Shrimp – couple inches long
Convention of Flamingo Tongues
Spotted Drum Juvenile – 1 1/2″ long
Spotted Drum Intermediate (Teenager) – 4-5″ long
Biggest Effing Green Moray We’ve Ever Seen
South End of Northbound Eel (Not the same one as above)
Little Octopus Tasting Joel’s Finger
Striped Grunts Under The Salt Pier
Stone Fish
Stone Fish Closeup
Sea Horse
Sea Horse #2
Sea Horse #3
Pederson’s Shrimp, With Eggs
Glasseye Snapper With a Bite Missing
Monster Of The Deep, and a Big Green Moray
Blennie (Probably a Secretary Blennie) – the hole he’s in is less than 1/4″ across
Barracuda With Bling
Trumpet Fish, In Yellow (also available in Brown and Blue) (with Sharpnose Puffer)
Same Guy, Up Close
Sharpnose Puffer – 1/2″ to 2″
Sharpnose Puffers – there were literally thousands of them
Chain Moray
At The Entrance To Washington Slagbaai National Park

5 thoughts on “Bonaire Dive Trip”

    1. The only thing we hoped to see, but didn’t, was a frog fish. We even had detailed instructions on where to find one, but we never did that particular dive. Oh, well – we saw tons of them in Indonesia.
      Accommodations and flights… nobody cares, el guapo!

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